Since the mid 1970's Gabriel P. Weisberg has prepared a series of comprehensive exhibitions, catalogues, books, and articles that have focused on a series of themes affecting French art from the middle of the nineteenth century until World War I. Many of these museum based exhibitions, and publications, have played a role in redefining issues and reconceptualizing the ways in which movements and artists in this era are now viewed or discussed.

Dr. Weisberg's examination and study of many artists - including Jules Adler, Albert Besnard, François Bonvin, Jules Breton, Jean-Charles Cazin, P.A.J. Dagnan-Bouveret, Jules-Alexis Muenier, Théodule Ribot, as well as Art Nouveau artists, and their sponsor Siegfried Bing - have helped reestablish an awareness and appreciation of these artists work. Two other areas of Art History Dr. Weisberg has studied are art criticism in his examination of the career of the art critic Philippe Burty, and Japonisme, areas that came out of his work on Burty and Bing. In combining this study with considerable field research Dr. Weisberg continues to be actively involved in the reappraisal and contextualization of many late nineteenth century art historical issues.

Most recently Dr. Weisberg's work on Japonisme and the associated 'Japanomania' exhibition were featured in the February 2016 issue of Finnish National Gallery Research.

The Japanomania exhibition opened in February 2016; attendance in Helsinki, Finland set records. The show went on to Oslo, Norway where it was shown in two museums. A similar, large enthusiastic audience continually attended the exhibition.

The catalogue was published in five separate language editions. The English edition of Japanomania has been distributed by Yale University Press.

Call for papers for Journal of Japonisme
Along with Professor Willa Silverman of Penn State University and Dr Ricard Bru of the Institute of Culture in Barcelona, Dr Weisberg is a member of the editorial board and is the managing editor of the Journal of Japonisme.

The Journal of Japonisme is a multi-disciplinary, global publication and dedicated to all aspects of the Japonisme movement from the first appearance of the name in France in the 1870s until the 21st century. The journal is open to new ideas and findings from wherever they might be found. The first issue of the JOURNAL OF JAPONISME appeared in February 2016, the second in September, 2016. The latter contained an extensive review of Japanomania (as seen in Helsinki) by Annika Johnson, now a Fellow at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

You can find up-to-date information by visiting the Journal of Japonisme page on Brill's website,



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